The SybirPunk

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Fabryka Słów



Cykl "SybirPunk" - trylogia bandycko-kryminalna, opisująca losy i perypetie Saszki „Chudego” Chudowca

The future – sterile cities, orderly societies and advanced technology serving humanity. Oh no, sorry, but no.

  The future is NeoSybirsk: a decaying civilization stuck together in a string and a rag, covered with coal dust. Stinky alleys where you could lose your life for a bottle of water. Synthetic food, poisonous air and people so packed with cybernetics that it is hardly known if they are still human. Full of syntadrenaline, steroid-packed, action-packed criminal and bandit trilogy set in a dystopian, cyberslavic future. Taken from life, based on (almost) authentic events and characters, the story of a man from various matters – Saszka “Skinny” Chudowiec, former soldiers of the Foreign Legion, currently unemployed private detective and settler. Set aside on a siding to let the endless express run by to a better future for everyone else but his; stranded of life by the storms of historical turmoil; more and more feeling that the best years, if they have not yet leaked through his fingers, they will do it in a moment – Chudy makes one last, desperate attempt to break free from the stagnation of everyday life. Seeing a random, non-simple order from an eccentric oligarch as an opportunity that may not repeat (and will not happen again for sure), our hero leaps his head forward into a whirlwind of events that he is not even able to fully grasp. Will he choke on the excess of information and drown, fighting against the current of events – or will he rather try to ally himself against the nature of the recluse, surprisingly for himself, who regard him not only as an ally, comrade in arms or friend, but sometimes as someone more? The pace of events accelerates constantly, Chudy doubles and triples, and syntadrenaline flows in an ever wider stream.  

Fasten your seat belts because this is a hero that no one has asked for – but surely everyone deserves!