The Muscovite

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Fabryka Słów



Thriller psychologiczny "Moskal"

Power is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Imagine you have power – but real power. Almost absolute control over another human. What are you gonna do with her? What will you use it for? Really? Oh, but no lies, please. We are talking honestly after all, right? Just you and me – the voice in your head.

Learn the story of the rising and fall of one man as he soars towards a black sun on his blazing wings of ambition. Set off on a journey that will take you to the darkest corners of a person’s soul, ready to sacrifice everything and everyone to achieve your goal. See how a fortune capable of breaking soul grows on the ruins of communism, among the multinational buzz of stadium markets and in the privacy of VIP rooms of nightclubs.

My protégé Artur Wiktorowicz is looking at you from the cover. 

Welcome to a threshold of private hell.