The Debt Collector

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Fabryka Słów



Trylogia Komornik

The End is Coming. But so damn real, genuinely uncompromising and utterly biblical.


The earth stops, the stars fall, the water turns to blood. The seven-headed, nine-horned beast emerges from the depths of the sea, ridden by the Great Whore. The dead rise from their graves. An abyss opens, from which locusts crawl out into the world. States fall, brother rises against brother, and children raise their hands against their parents. You can see that at any moment it will all burn in the fire of the Lord’s Wrath.

Only something in the system did not work as it meant. Basically, basically and superficially: a firework comes out instead of a thermonuclear bomb. Because there are simply too many people – many times more than when Saint John wrote the last verses of his work, and the means of the Final Holocaust turn out to be greatly underestimated for the scale of the undertaking. Technology has gone a long way, so you can escape the Apocalypse Rider’s chariot by pedalling your bike. Amazingly – nobody wants to die at all, even if posters and advertising leaflets promise Eternal Life in bright pastel colours! And that’s how it stays – a half-disassembled Apocalypse, full of Messenger of the Apocalypse wandering on the ground and people brazenly playing on their nose.

In the end, someone on the Mountain decides that this brothel must be taken care of. The Apocryphal Angels are brought to life. Their task is painfully simple: dispose of the bankruptcy estate that our Earth has turned into as quickly and effectively as possible. They are to take an inventory, decide what to do with the current state, liquidate fixed assets, liquidate assets, sweep up the dirt, turn off the lights and hand over the key to the gatehouse. What do the Apocryphal do, invented by humans, written by humans, and think partially human? In short, they decide they don’t give a shit. Well, maybe not with these words, but the message is clear: they don’t have competences and they don’t want to. Whoa, who fucked you up like that ?! The budget does not tighten, here you have to arrange it all differently, cascade obligations and in general, it is best to hire subcontractors. The angels are blaming people themselves.

The debt collectors come down to Earth…