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My biggest addiction, the perfect reality supplement, and the most amazing way to spend what is supposedly called ‘free time’ but somehow I never found it.

Thriller psychologiczny Michała Gołkowskiego "Moskal"

The Muscovite

Published: 17/08/2016

The story of the rise and fall of a man flying towards the black sun of an unattainable dream of power on the burning wings of ambition. The story begins in the final months of Poland’s communist regime, moving across decades into contemporary Russia – showing inevitable political and social transformations, as well as the lengths men will go to in order to keep their heads above the raging waters of the rivers of history.

Michał Gołkowski - Spiżowy Gniew

Seven Books of Sin

Published: 14/03/2018

Epic historical-fantasy saga, it’s beginnings hidden somewhere between the mythological-fantasy Bronze Age, pre-dynastic Egypt and the ancient swamplands of Pagan Slav kingdoms, all the way through to the fortified walls of Constantinople, following the adventures of Zagred – a man either blessed or cursed by the gods with immortality, his only aim in life now to find those who condemned him to this fate… and then, be it through begging or force, to get them to take back their poisoned gift.

Powieści osadzone w świecie gry wideo S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


Published: 26/04/2013

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe through the eyes of a Pole – an old dairy, a dead caretaker, a forgotten calendar and a tower in the middle of a forest. Are you in? Anyway, you are already here. We are all – stalkers. Children of the Sarcophagus. Here, the enemy is evil, which may be lurking right next to us, behind our backs. It can take many forms, names and shapes; however, the most terrible thing we can find in the Zone is human. A new day is getting up. Will you survive it – with your whole self?

Sybir Punk vol. 1 - Michał Gołkowski


Published: 11/03/2020

Boiling over with synthadrenaline, this is an action & steroid packed criminal-bandit trilogy set in a dystopian, cyber-Slav future. Taken from real life, based on authentic events and persons – this is the story of Sasha “Skinny” Khudov, a former French Foreign Legion soldier, now an unemployed private detective and fixer of all sorts of dirty deals. Sidelined in order to allow the express train of a rushing future to pass him by, Skinny Sasha has been cast aside and left in the doldrums of history

Cykl Stalowe Szczury

Steel Rats

Published: 23/01/2015

Several volumes of stories from both the front and the rear of the Great War, which does not end in 1918 – the books in this series published so far cover a whole spectrum of literary genres: from miserable trench chronicles to tales of airborne duels in the fires of glory, a spy-detective romance all the way through to a jolly, racy burlesque and dark horror story.

Cykl o Ezekielu Siódmym - Komornik

The Debt Collector

Published: 26/04/2013

The End is here. But the sort which is bloody real, crushingly authentic and Biblical by far. The Earth has stopped spinning, the stars fallen from the skies, water turned into blood. The seven-headed beast with its nine horns rises from the oceanic deep, ridden by the Great Harlot. The dead rise from their graves, and swarms of locust emerge from the gaping abyss. Nations fall, brother set against brother, children against their parents.